When Lightning Strikes By Sedona Venez

When Lightning Strikes (Credence Curse #2)

Sedona Venez

Rate: 3.5

I’ve tried writing this review a number of times now, but none of the editions are coming out in a way I like or I want to publish. This is partly due to the fact that I haven’t been in the mood to type and partly because my memory of the story isn’t too sharp since it’s been some time since I read the book. Therefore, I’m going to be a bit lazy with this review and just list a few of my thoughts concerning When Lightning Strikes.

My Thoughts on When Lightning Strikes By Sedona Venez

  • When Lightning Strikes is better than Breaking the Storm.
  • When Lightning Strikes has less sexual content and more sexual tension than its predecessor.
  • Light is a better character before submitting to Ryker because she is more independent and focuses more on saving her life than getting laid. Before submission, Light is stubborn and sassy and takes no crap from men.
  • Light seems like a different character after submission because she’s more dependent on Ryker and even though she still gives some attitude, she ultimately defers to his word. Plus, after submission, Light is more preoccupied with having sex and being with Ryker than with solving the mystery of the Shadows and saving her life.
  • Rosa is a great tertiary character. I would love to read a book just from her POV. Maybe it could span from her life with her old mate to finding a new one. Though I’d probably just be content from reading her POV of Storm’s and Light’s stories.

Even though this review isn’t the best and it doesn’t make When Lightning Strikes sound interesting, this book is an improvement from the first one. The writing is better and the content is better. I can’t wait to read what happens in the third story and see how the writing style improves between this book and the next one.


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