The Complete Half Bad Experience

This really is the complete experience of Half Bad. I too was fooled into thinking the book would be good because of the second person scenes.

Sniffer Blog

Book by Sally Green

Half Bad in One Sentence
A bland piece of cake with a few rainbow sprinkles!

• • • · · ·

I will let you know that I refrained from making a terrible joke about the rating.

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Content Concerns
Half Bad has a few instances of profanity, and one censored major-league word. Less than most YA novels.

Why Half Bad?
You are bored. There are no books to read that you haven’t already been through a thousand times before, the interesting late summer releases dangle far in the future, and the will to experience a new adventure is fading. Netflix sounds good. Netflix and those white powder donuts that come in big bags. Lots of white powder donuts.
Your friend and fellow blogger, Reach, takes you to a bookstore to break the haze. This bookstore is called Half…

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