Sweet Let Down (Sweet Temptation By Wendy Higgins)

Sweet Temptation (The Sweet Trilogy #4)

Wendy Higgins

Rate: 4

You may be thinking “A trilogy is three books why are there four?” Well, Sweet Temptation is like a companion novel to The Sweet Trilogy where the trilogy is retold in Kaidan’s (the love interest) POV. Yes, you need to read the main story first for Sweet Temptation to make sense.

Unfortunately, Sweet Temptation was a bit of a disappointment. I expected to learn more about what makes Kaidan tick like I did with Four in my Fun With Four series. I learned that Kai is mostly controlled by his lust (like I couldn’t already guess) and he didn’t have a favorable upbringing (obviously, based on his relationship with his father), but I don’t feel like I learned much about Kai. For the most part, I just got to see Kai fall in love with/ develop a love addiction for Anna and I got to see him battle his insecurities. I knew there weren’t going to be many scenes different from the main story, but I had wanted to learn more about Kai. I had wanted to learn secrets about Kai, but instead I got Anna this, Anna that, Anna, Anna, Anna. I would be cute if I wanted a story that was only romance.

Anyway, Sweet Temptation is a nice read, especially since Higgins give us fans exactly what we wanted. Who am I to ask for more? It’s just saddens me that Kai in Sweet Temptation didn’t make me swoon the way Kai in the other three books did. If anything, this book has caused Kaidan to move down on my book boyfriend list because he isn’t as interesting. *Sigh*  I guess I just have to find a book whose boyfriend makes up for what this Kai lacked.

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