Catching Up On An Old Series: Revealed By Peter Silsbee

Revealed (The Amanda Project #2)

Peter Silsbee

Rate: 2.5

I began The Amanda Project series some many years ago. After reading the first book, I was curious to read the second, but I think at that point I was still waiting for the book (this book) to be released (and obviously I didn’t get around to it until now). I don’t know what reminded me of this series, but once the idea was there and my interest was piqued, I decided to read this book to see if the characters ever got any closer to finding Amanda.

Revealed left me with an overall feeling of meh: it wasn’t good and it wasn’t bad. There’s nothing to be excited over and nothing to complain about. It was just a read.

The only thing that stood out to me was the voice. Revealed is told from Hal’s POV (I don’t remember if this is different from the first book) so I expected a tone reminiscent of a freshman male artist. I didn’t expect him to know much about women’s fashion, but to know a bit about music and art. For the most part, Hal’s voice met my expectation. The only problem was that there were times when the voice would slip from simple vocabulary to a more advanced vocabulary reminiscent of an older student studying for the SATs or a brainiac, but Hal’s actions and description do not agree with either of these. To me, it seemed more like the author was unintentionally slipping out of character. The occurrence doesn’t take too much away from the storytelling but it did give me pause. Nonetheless, Revealed was okay and I’ll probably read the next book even though I’m not too sure why I’m bothering with this series.


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