The End of the Amanda Project (Review)

Unraveled (The Amanda Project #4)

Cathleen Davitt Bell

Rate: 3

So of course, this review is late because this semester couldn’t start off easy. No, it had to come in like a gust of hurricane winds and knock me back several football fields so I’m not doing any fun things I want to do. But whatever, on to the review!

Unraveled was so much better than its predecessors. For one, the story finally had a solution. Of course, the ending was HEA but at this point, I would have settled for anything just for the story to be wrapped up. Another thing I liked better about Unraveled was all the action. The previous books focused on the characters finding clues and flopping around like guppies, but they actually did stuff in Unraveled.

Spoiler Ahead

The third thing I enjoyed was that they finally found Amanda. Of course, how Amanda was found was a bit lame, but again I just wanted this series to end so good job.

End of Spoiler

The only thing I didn’t like about the story was the writing style. I wouldn’t have noticed it if I hadn’t read the books one after the other. The other books took on a stream of consciousness narrative. Unraveled combined stream of consciousness with your typical first person narration and a heavy dose of tell, not show. It was a bit jarring at first, but I guess it let the action shine through. (I’m not really sure of this, but I’m giving the story the benefit of  the doubt.)

Overall, Unraveled was OK. It was better than the books before it but it’s nothing to get excited over.


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