Slowly Transitioning into New Adult (Review)

Proposal (The Mediator #6.5)

Meg Cabot

Rate: 4

Originally, I wasn’t going to read Proposal since I normally don’t take the time to read novellas (even though they are gaining popularity in YA). However, when I realized that my library had both Proposal and Remembrance available, I decided whichever hold came first would decide if I would read Proposal. If Proposal came first, I would read it, but if Remembrance came first, I would just read it and cancel my hold on Proposal. But a higher power (possibly the book gods) must have thought I needed to read Proposal because lo and behold it became available for checkout first so I read it. And I’m glad I did. I knew it had been a while since I read the last book (Twilight) but it wasn’t until I checked Goodreads that I realized the last book was published back in 2004 so I needed a refresher. Proposal serves as a great reminder of what the series is about and the characters without having to reread the series. It also serves as a smooth transition from young adult to new adult. Cabot doesn’t instill any large changes into the series, but she highlights that the story has fast forwarded about 5-6 years so the reader expects more mature language and experiences. However, Cabot doesn’t make a large maturity jump so the story goes from innocent/traditional YA to steamy/awkward erotica. Cabot creates a sensible shift from YA to NA.

Storywise, Proposal isn’t overly exciting, but it isn’t boring either. As a novella, Proposal isn’t full of drama and side-stories and subplots, but it does have a clear problem and solution while filling in details about the main characters and their backstory. Proposal isn’t fluff. Is it necessary to read Proposal? Since I’ve started reading Remembrance, I can clearly say no, but Proposal gives a nice taste of the series and you get to read Suze getting someone to confess to murder. The whole solution seems convenient like everything miraculously fell into place at the right time, but I enjoyed (and focus more on) the tidbits about Suze’s life since the last book.


3 thoughts on “Slowly Transitioning into New Adult (Review)

  1. It’s so annoying, Proposal doesn’t come out in the UK until March 1st, so I have to wait to read Remembrance (because I want to read them the correct way around) until next month! I’m dying here… I love the YA books in this series to bits!

    • That sucks that you have to wait. But after reading both, I know that reading them in order is the only way the story makes sense. Hopefully, when you get it, you’ll deem it worth the wait.

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