Remembrance (A Review in Images)


Remembrance (Mediator #7)

Meg Cabot

Rate: 3

The following is my first review in images. It probably doesn’t make any sense, but I don’t guarantee that my reviews will make sense anyway. Remembrance was good, consistent with the rest of the series. My only disappointment with the story is that there was no epilogue. Cabot could have easily included an epilogue ending this series forever. Don’t get me wrong, the ending itself is good, but it’s open-ended just enough that if she really wanted to, Cabot could write another book or write a spin-off series. I think she should just end it once and for all before the story becomes even more drawn out and annoying.

Anyway, on to my attempt at a review in images.

Ooh ghost
I forgot ghosts could hurt me.
I should have remembered/ I would come to regret…
Yum Jesse
Ugh Paul
I’m a mediator. I have to fix this.
Oh no a curse
It’s fine. I just won’t tell my fiance.
Sexy Time

Curse situation cleared up


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