[A Quickie Review] The 5th Wave (Movie)

Having not read The 5th Wave, I think the movie was decent. It started off good with its singular perspective and detailed explanation of the first four waves. However, this quickly changed as the movie shifted from an alien invasion story to a hybrid apocalyptic dystopian story. The glaring shift occurred when the movie suddenly went from singular perspective to dual perspective with no logical explanation or gradual transition. Once the second perspective was introduced, the plot’s tempo increased until clarity and sensible progression were dismissed for drama and action scenes. Just as soon as love interests were introduced  they were taken out with the half-baked excuse of self-sacrifice in the name of love. (And potential love interests were inserted in their place.) As soon as Cassie reunited with her brother she promptly declared to Ben that they had to save all the other children, the same as every other female lead in a dystopian story. Obviously, this closes the movie while simultaneously leaving an opening for a sequel.

While the aforementioned only shows me ragging on The 5th Wave, I did enjoy Cassie’s commitment to reuniting with her brother (when she had multiple opportunities to just give up) and I’m a romantic so I totally fell for the moments between Evan and Cassie even though the movie provided no concrete evidence for their “relationship.”

Sorry to those who read the book and sat through this movie, you must be disappointed. I know the main reason I (sort of) enjoyed it was because I wasn’t expecting anything from it.



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