Heart of Tin – Danielle Paige


Heart of Tin (Dorothy Must Die #0.4)

Danielle Paige

Rate: 2

Even though this is a novella, parts of the tale can be interpreted as an ode about Dorothy written by the Tin Woodman. If you’re not into mushy romance or someone confessing his/her love for another every other sentence or so, then you should skip this novella. You don’t learn much about Tin’s role in bad Oz other than he loves Dorothy a lot and is willing to do anything for her to the point where someone can manipulate Tin by claiming that a particular action will benefit Dorothy and make her happy. For the most part, I pitied Tin. All he wants is to love and be loved but he is in an environment where love is a weakness and that weakness can be manipulated.

The only part I truly enjoyed about the novella- talk of love and devotion became tiresome quickly – was the power structure among the characters. At this point at least, it is clear that Glinda is at the top. She is influencing everyone’s behavior using some sort of dark magic. On the other end of the spectrum is Tin Woodman. He is clearly a pawn. Somewhere in between is Scarecrow. It’s clear that he’s not on the same level as Tin, but from this novella alone, it is difficult to interpret how much Glinda may be controlling Scarecrow. It’s also difficult to interpret how much Dorothy is being controlled but she clearly isn’t herself. However, other than this bit of analysis, Heart of Tin is mostly a journal entry of Tin’s (unreciprocated) love for Dorothy.



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