Ruler of Beasts – Danielle Paige


Ruler of Beasts (Dorothy Must Die #0.6)

Danielle Paige

Rate: 2.5

This novella almost got three stars but then the ending happened. But let me go back and start from the beginning.

Ruler of Beasts isn’t as informative as the previous two novellas. Meaning, unlike with Tin and Scarecrow, there is no explicit point where Lion goes from good to wicked. Yes, Glinda uses evil magic on him, but Lion was so bored with “ruling” the Forest of the Beasts that he would have done her bidding without magic. After the interaction with Glinda, Lion spends most of his time eating and sleeping at the Emerald Palace until Ozma invites him on a journey. (Tin, Scarecrow, and Lion are journey/quest/battle junkies since meeting Dorothy.) I actually start to like Lion during this mission, but that doesn’t last long. During the mission, Lion finally starts to show his courage and to think about someone other than himself. However, at the end when Ozma learns Lion is working for Glinda, instead of accepting responsibility for his actions and admitting he is wrong, Lion mentally rants about how Ozma is a terrible person because she won’t accept the good he did do even if it was wrapped in bad. I really dislike people who instead of admitting their faults and mistakes, will blame the other person for not viewing the situation in a way that benefits them. This is how Lion reacts when Ozma, rightfully, stops trusting him because of his betrayal. For me, Lion goes from decent to terrible because of this behavior.

Overall, Rule of Beasts isn’t a novella I wish I had skipped, but it wasn’t very interesting. The novella made me dislike Lion and not in a way where I empathize with him like I did with Tin.


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