Stuck In An Elevator: Lux

Even though I shouldn’t be since I’m currently neglecting my Fairy Tale Retelling series, I’m starting a new series! I’m calling it Stuck In An Elevator (but you knew that because of the title). Stuck In An Elevator will be different from my Fun With Four and Fairy Tale Retelling series because it will be more discussion/imagination-based while the other two series are review/analysis-based.

Premise: Imagine you’re in a particular standalone or series world and absolutely had to be (because no one ever wants to be) stuck in an elevator with a character from that universe. Who would you most like to be in the elevator with? Why? What would it look like?

Book/Series: Lux

Person: Daemon, specifically Daemon from book one


Reason: I pick Daemon because I feel like his aloofness would keep me from panicking too much. I’d definitely panic, but I wouldn’t be feeding off of his panic and reacting much worse. Also, I think his sarcasm would distract me from the situation, again preventing me from panicking too much. I wouldn’t want Daemon from book two and on because I wouldn’t be able to handle it if the whole time we were stuck he talked about returning to Katy. I don’t mind that he has a girlfriend, but it would piss me off if the whole time he wondered how long it would take to get back to Katy and wondered what she could be doing. It doesn’t matter what someone outside the elevator is doing; what matters is us getting out.

Possible Interaction:

Me: “No no no no no no no.”

Daemon: “Usually when a woman is alone in my presence she’s chanting yes, but I’ll play along.”

M: *glare* “We’re stuck.”

D: “I figured as much when we stopped moving and the doors didn’t open.”

M: *suspicious glare* “Why are you so calm?”

D: “What’s the point of panicking? It’s not like panicking and screaming will get the elevator moving again.”

M: *bangs on elevator door* “Help!”

D: *reaches over and presses the alarm button*

Security: “Is everything okay in there?”

D: *looks over at me* “Yeah, we’re just stuck in the elevator and some of us aren’t taking it too well.”

S: “Just sit tight. We’ll get you right out.”

Well, that didn’t go too well. I’m not sure what would have happened between then and when we finally got out, but it’s extremely doubtful that the situation would have turned positive.


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