Fairy Tale Retelling: Beauty and the Beast #2 of 2


Stung (Stung #1)

Bethany Wiggins

Rate: 3.5


Stung captured and held my attention from the very first scene. There wasn’t a time when I wanted to put the book down because the story was terrible. Wiggins does a great job of hooking the reader’s attention and keeping it to the very end. Her descriptions aren’t flowery or purple prose but they fully immerse you into the Stung universe. Wiggins describes sights, smells, tastes, etc so it feels as if you’re taking this journey with Fiona and aren’t simply a bystander. Wiggins gives a lot of details so you are sucked into the book using your imagination and all your senses.


The plot itself was good. Nothing for which to be overjoyed, but it wasn’t super simplistic and annoying either. In other words, it was pretty predictable, but still enticing.


If you’ve read my review on Nirvana, then you know I coined it as a post-apocalyptic dystopia due to bee extinction. Stung is the apocalypse that occurs between our world and Nirvana‘s.

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Fairy Tale Retelling: Beauty and the Beast #1 of 2

Cruel Beauty (Cruel Beauty Universe #1)

Rosamund Hodge

Rate: 5

I loved the complexity of this novel; it wasn’t your average teen romance. The heroine wasn’t a goody-goody and she didn’t fall in love with a guy because he was hot or showed her kindness. Hodge does a great job of making the characters human. Showing that even the worst of us has a little good in him/her and even the best of us has a little bad. It’s difficult to dislike any of the characters because Hodge shows that our experiences alter who we are, turning some of us a little more bad while others become a little more good. Cruel Beauty isn’t a story of good versus evil or good falling for evil, but a story of people accepting both the good and bad parts of themselves and living their lives based on this unity.

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