Fairy Tale Retelling: Rapunzel #1 of 1


Alex Flinn

Rate: 2.5

The beginning: I have to admit the beginning hooked me. The first few chapters in Wyatt’s POV had me excited because it seemed like Flinn was going to do a Wuthering Heights retelling along with a Rapunzel retelling making it my first ever crossover story. But that didn’t happen. I also enjoyed the entries from Danielle’s diary. I’d thought that the story would take the mystery route and once Wyatt and Rachel came together they’d solve the mystery of what happened to Danielle. They did figure out what happened, but not in the way I was hoping. I wanted a Sherlock Holmes/ Nancy Drew situation, but was given an “oh, that’s what happened” solution. The revelation was pretty lackluster and you could easily overlook it unless you were looking for like I was.

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