Fairy Tale Retelling: Sleeping Beauty #1 of 1

A Long, Long Sleep (UniCorp #1)

Anna Sheehan

Rate: 3

For most of the story, I was a little confused about the point of the story and where it was going, but by the end I realized that was the point of the book. The book follows Rose’s readjustment to society after being “asleep” for sixty-two (62) years. We’re supposed to feel confused and sad and overwhelmed because that’s how Rose is feeling. As Rose adjusts to everything around and comes to term with how her life is now, the story begins to take on a more calm feeling. I think Sheehan does a good job of having the reader follow Rose’s life and feel her emotions without making the book boring. But I still deducted stars because that epiphany didn’t hit me until the end of the book.

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