My Adult Life in Comics (Review)


Adulthood is a Myth

Sarah Andersen

Rate: 5

I loved these comics. I laughed from the first one to the last one. They were so relatable. Yes, all my clothes have a use limit except my bras. And yes, I hate everyone at school. And yes, my conditioner always runs out faster than my shampoo. And these statements only hint at the very relatable comics in this book.




The only con to this book is that not everyone can relate to it, which is OK. I’m the introverted, awkward, trying to adult but failing, young adult woman this book is targeting so everything feels like finally meeting a kindred spirit to me. But this book of comics won’t appeal to men and it won’t appeal to women who have their shit together or aren’t as awkward or are extroverted and love people.  And that’s OK. Andersen couldn’t possibly include everyone’s adult experiences in one book. But it was still a hilarious, quick read for me.


2016 Blog Goals Check-In & 2017 Blog Goals

If you’re interested in viewing my full 2016 Blog Goal post and not just the concise, updated version below, it can be found here.

2016 Blog Goals

Read 75 books.

In 2016, I set my Goodreads Reading Challenge at 75 books. I completed 60% of this goal; I read 45 books. Honestly, this is more than I expected because I had some serious reading droughts in 2016.

Finish my Fairytale Retellings series.

This series is supposed to be 17 books long. I only needed to read 13 books in 2016. I read 3 and reviewed 2; I’ll get around to posting the review for the third book. I don’t know why it’s taking me so long to finish this series.

Publish 5 discussion pieces.

I published one. *sigh* You can check it out here.

Create a Facebook page for this blog.

I never got around to this. I got as far as brainstorming what my cover graphic might look before this task was put on the backburner.

Interact with the blog community more.

My intention was to make at least one comment on a blog each month. However, I think I only made it 3 or 4 months before my login on WordPress became sporadic making it less likely I would comment on someone’s post.

Now on to the goals I hope to accomplish this year.

2017 Blog Goals

Read 50 books.

This year I set my Goodreads Reading Challenge at 50 books. While it is lower than my 2016 reading goal, it is higher than the number of books I read last year, which, to me, is a good equilibrium. It is also about a book a week with a little wiggle room so I think I may be able to accomplish it if I keep reminding myself a book a week.

Continue to work on my Fairytale Retellings series.

I think it’s highly doubtful that I’ll finish this series this year seeing as it is taking me so long to finish it anyway, but I think trying to tackle some of it, instead of all of it, is more manageable. I think I’ll try to read another 3 books this year.

Publish 1 discussion piece.

This way if I only post 1 piece, then I accomplished a goal, but if I post two pieces, then I get to feel awesome about overachieving. 🙂

Publish 25 reviews.

So, I actually took the time out and counted and last year I posted 18 reviews. This time I going to try to write 25 reviews, which is half of the books I hope to read this year. However, the number of reviews I post isn’t as important to me as making sure there aren’t as many droughts on this blog as last year. I just don’t want my posts, reviews and otherwise, to be few and far between.

There you have it: my four blog goals for 2017, one less than 2016, but hopefully more manageable or easier to accomplish or both.

Side note: I would have loved to roll expanding my brand and interacting with the community forward to 2017, but I’m going into my final semester of college and don’t know how much time I’ll be able to dedicate to this blog. It’s better to leave the two goals off than to add them knowing it’s highly unlikely I’ll get to them.

Did you create any reading/blog goals/resolutions? Are you not even bothering with the goal/resolution trend? Let me know in the comment section.

End of the Year Shout Out (2016)

End of the Year Shout Out!!!

I know this post is late, but I’m trying to make time to go through my folder and finally publish the unpublished posts that are just sitting there.

The following are some of the great books I read this year. They were so good and there for me when I needed them most that they deserve a shout out. These are by no means all the books I read this year just the ones I rated 4 or more (fabulous) stars.

♦Books with hyperlinked titles go to reviews I wrote for them.


My Rating

Average Rating



The 5th Wave






(Existence Trilogy #1)





F*ck Love





It Ends with Us





The Jock and the Fat Chick






(Existence Trilogy #2)






(The Mediator #6.5)





Queen Song

(Red Queen #0.1)























You Are Mine

(Mine #1)





I can’t wait for the wonderful books I’ll get to meet this year! What are some the best books you read in 2016? Maybe they’ll end up on my TBR.

Happy New Year!

*Denotes Kindle books that were free as of 1/7/2017

That’s What S/He Said Thursday #44

“No one’s happy with what they’ve got. You know how people with curly hair always want to have straight hair, and people with straight hair want curly hair? Funny like that. You’ve got a great bod.”

~ Kevin from The Jock and the Fat Chick by Nicole Winters


[A Quickie Review] The 5th Wave (Movie)

Having not read The 5th Wave, I think the movie was decent. It started off good with its singular perspective and detailed explanation of the first four waves. However, this quickly changed as the movie shifted from an alien invasion story to a hybrid apocalyptic dystopian story. The glaring shift occurred when the movie suddenly went from singular perspective to dual perspective with no logical explanation or gradual transition. Once the second perspective was introduced, the plot’s tempo increased until clarity and sensible progression were dismissed for drama and action scenes. Just as soon as love interests were introduced  they were taken out with the half-baked excuse of self-sacrifice in the name of love. (And potential love interests were inserted in their place.) As soon as Cassie reunited with her brother she promptly declared to Ben that they had to save all the other children, the same as every other female lead in a dystopian story. Obviously, this closes the movie while simultaneously leaving an opening for a sequel.

While the aforementioned only shows me ragging on The 5th Wave, I did enjoy Cassie’s commitment to reuniting with her brother (when she had multiple opportunities to just give up) and I’m a romantic so I totally fell for the moments between Evan and Cassie even though the movie provided no concrete evidence for their “relationship.”

Sorry to those who read the book and sat through this movie, you must be disappointed. I know the main reason I (sort of) enjoyed it was because I wasn’t expecting anything from it.


(2016) Blog Goals

Since it’s the start of the new year, there’s been a variation of blog goals and blog resolutions spamming the blog community. At first, I wasn’t going to publish any goal or resolution list, but after reading Faith @ My Bookish Year’s 2016 Reading Goals and Shealea @ That Bookshelf Bitch’s Book Challenges for 2016, I thought “If I don’t have goals, then why am I doing this?” (this = blogging). And I could easily keep a mental list, but how would I hold myself accountable? And I how would I remember everything I told myself I would do by the end of the year? So even though I previously told myself I wasn’t going to do this, I’m doing it.

Why goals and not a resolution?

According to Macmillan Dictionary, a resolution is a serious decision to do something. Meanwhile, a goal is something you hope to achieve. While I’d love to achieve all of the following goals, I most likely won’t. Either life will get in the way or I’ll be biting off more than I can chew (excuse the cliché). I’d rather create a wish list than guidelines I can’t live up to. As John Oliver says in his video about resolutions, they either have to be so easy/flexible that you do them automatically or so obscure/difficult that you know you won’t be able to achieve them and won’t feel bad later. Additionally, I’m making goals so that anything that isn’t accomplished can be rolled over to the next year, which is why 2016 is in parentheses.

Goodreads Reading Challenge

This year I set my reading goal at 75 books. This shouldn’t be too hard considering that last year my goal was 71 books and I read 87 books, according to Goodreads standards. (Is there a difference between how Goodreads counts and you count? Yes, thanks for asking.) At Goodreads, as long as you set a date for a book, it’s counted, which I love. But at the end of the year, I want to know how many novels and novellas I read that year so I go through the list and subtract any DNF’ed books and any manga read. Last year, I either just made my goal of 71 novels/novellas or was just under (I’m too lazy to calculate again) so I’m going to try this year to read 75 novels/novellas. (I don’t know why I have to be so complicated.)

Fairytale Retellings

This year I hoping to finally get around to finishing the fairytale retelling series I started. I did not do a decent job of keeping up with it.


Last year, I began drafting some discussion posts but was too afraid of publishing them. It’s one thing talking about books, but discussing opinions that are my own is scary. I’d be putting pieces of myself out in the world and you may reject me. But this year I’m determined to publish 5 discussion piece. I might have to close my eyes and click publish, but it’ll get done.

Expand My Brand

So far my only interaction with the bookish community is this blog and the few people I have on Goodreads. This year I’m going to create at least a Facebook page for this blog and maybe invite more people to be friends with me on Goodreads. I’m not going to hold my breath on the latter since I’m so protective of my Goodreads. (One step at a time, Erica. One step at a time.)

Community Interaction

I usually just read posts and like them on occasion, but I’m not gaining any blog friends by not putting myself out there so I going to try to make at least one comment each month. It’s not going to suddenly be raining friends out there for me, but at least I’m trying and I’m putting myself out there.

There you have it: my five blog goals of 2016. Seems manageable, but I probably still won’t finish.

Did you create any reading/blog goals/resolutions? If you wrote a post on it, link it below.

Are you not even bothering with the goal/resolution trend? Tell me why in the comment section. I want to know.

End of the Year Shout Out!!!

The following are some of the great books I read this year. They were so good and there for me when I needed them most that they deserve a shout out. These are by no means all the books I read this year just the ones I rated 4 or more (fabulous) stars.

*Books with hyperlinked titles go to reviews I posted for them.

Book My Rating Average Rating
The Hurricane
(The Hurricane #1)
4 4.12 Goodreads Amazon
The Aftermath
(The Hurricane #2)
4 4.30 Goodreads Amazon
The Sparrow
(The Sparrow #1)
4 4.17 Goodreads Amazon
(Tapped Out #1)
4 3.89 Goodreads Amazon
Maybe Someday
(Maybe #1)
4 4.38 Goodreads Amazon
Sweet Temptation
(The Sweet Trilogy #4)
4 4.28 Goodreads Amazon
The One Thing 4 4.18 Goodreads Amazon
The Fill-In Boyfriend 4 3.91 Goodreads Amazon
Two Across 4 3.44 Goodreads Amazon
The Festival of the Moon 4 4.14 Goodreads Amazon
Confess 5 4.31 Goodreads Amazon
Every Last Word 4 4.15 Goodreads Amazon
(Significance #1)
5 4.15 Goodreads Amazon
(Significance #3)
5 4.32 Goodreads Amazon
(Significance #3.5)
4 4.28 Goodreads Amazon
(Significance #4)
5 4.33 Goodreads Amazon
(The Lunar Chronicles #3)
4 4.48 Goodreads Amazon
A Little Something Different 4 3.68 Goodreads Amazon
Red Queen 5 4.12 Goodreads Amazon
Alternity 4.5 3.74 Goodreads Amazon
The Calling
(Endgame #1)
5 3.76 Goodreads Amazon
On the Edge 4 3.75 Goodreads Amazon

I can’t wait for the wonderful books I’ll get to meet next year! What are some the best books you read this year? Maybe they’ll end up on my TBR.

Happy New Year!

The Complete Half Bad Experience

This really is the complete experience of Half Bad. I too was fooled into thinking the book would be good because of the second person scenes.

Sniffer Blog

Book by Sally Green

Half Bad in One Sentence
A bland piece of cake with a few rainbow sprinkles!

• • • · · ·

I will let you know that I refrained from making a terrible joke about the rating.

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Content Concerns
Half Bad has a few instances of profanity, and one censored major-league word. Less than most YA novels.

Why Half Bad?
You are bored. There are no books to read that you haven’t already been through a thousand times before, the interesting late summer releases dangle far in the future, and the will to experience a new adventure is fading. Netflix sounds good. Netflix and those white powder donuts that come in big bags. Lots of white powder donuts.
Your friend and fellow blogger, Reach, takes you to a bookstore to break the haze. This bookstore is called Half…

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