Shadowhunters Videos: Alberto Rosende Being Simon-y

I was clicking around the Shadowhunters website when I came across these videos of Alberto Rosende being really Simon-y. I know in the beginning I wasn’t too welcoming of Rosende playing the role of Simon, but now I think he’s a good fit.


Shadowhunters Casting News: Meliorn

As my interest in this series wanes so does my ability to form words. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the show, but my interest is quickly deteriorating. Maybe I need a break from all this Shadowhunters “news.” Anyway, Jade Hassouné was selected to play Meliorn.

Shadowhunters Casting News: Camille Belcourt

So I’ve been putting off writing this post for a couple hours. For once, Shadowhunters has revealed the casting of a character and I’m completely indifferent. I’ve been happy, weary, and even disappointed when it came to casting news, but never indifferent. I just don’t see the casting of Camille as significant because she didn’t become relevant until later in the series and even then she was barely a blimp on my radar. Yeah, Camille messed some stuff up and was an added stressor for Clary, but she didn’t seem important to me. Anyway, the person cast to play Camille is Kaitlyn Leeb. Unsurprisingly, Leeb is hot like the rest of the cast. I wonder if Shadowhunters is going to give me self-esteem issues. #wheresthenaturalbeauty #Icantrelatebecauseimnotthathot

Shadowhunters News: Teasers and the Casting of Raphael

On Tuesday, during the season premieres of Pretty Little Liars and Stitchers, ABC Family released two “teasers” for Shadowhunters. I put teasers in quotation marks because if you’ve been following Shadowhunters on social media, then you’ve probably seen the pictures in the clips already. Plus, the teasers only make sense to people part of The Mortal Instruments/Shadowhunters fandom. I can’t imagine my sister or my mom watching the teasers, understanding what they’re about, and getting hype for the show. These teasers were only for the benefit of the TMIShadowhunters fandom and I’m not impressed, but I’ll take it for now.

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Shadowhunters Casting News: Hodge

Jon Cor has been cast to play the role of Hodge Starkweather. My only qualm about Cor’s casting is how attractive he is, which is a compliment to him. While reading The Mortal Instruments series, I always imagined Hodge as some ancient, ugly man, which made it easier for me to dislike his traitorous ways. But now that Cor has been cast to play him, I kind of want to give Hodge a chance. Maybe he really is just misunderstood. I don’t see Cor’s attractive making a big difference, or any difference really haha, in the progression of the show. I was just surprised that a stud muffin was cast to play a role I considered to be a decrepit man.

Shadowhunters Casting News: Jocelyn

Someone has been picked to play Clary’s mom, Jocelyn, and it’s Maxim Roy. While I don’t have anything to say about Roy – she looks like a mom so I don’t see anything wrong – the casting of the Jocelyn role in general has watered my seed of worry of how closely Shawdowhunters will follow The Mortal Instruments.

I kept intentionally ignoring the fact that ABC Family has aged Clary up for the show because it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. I ignored how the synopsis seemed very different from the book because maybe the producers were unsure of how to word it without giving things away. I didn’t research much about the roles of each character because I’m afraid they will be vastly different from their book counterpart. But with the casting of Roy, I can’t pushing down my seed of worry anymore and I can’t hide my head under my pillow and pretend things aren’t changing.

With the casting of Roy, I learned that Jocelyn will no longer be a painter, she’s now the owner of an antiquities store. It’s not a large or important detail, but now I question whether Jocelyn will be put into a coma like in the book and how much time will be spent on flashbacks or casting  Clary as a normal girl. If it’s so important that ABC Family changes Jocelyn’s job, then how important is it that they change her involvement in the story? Will Jocelyn have a bigger presence now than in the books?

Additionally, the article I read describes Clary as “a human-angel hybrid who forms a band of supernatural misfits with whom she hunts demons,” which makes Clary sound more like a member of the Mystery Gang from Scooby-Doo than a girl trying to learn more about the Shadowhunter world while saving her mom and downworlders.

Am I overthinking things? Is this just another instance of books not being able to be exactly transferred over into the TV and movie realm? Should I just wait for the show to air before complaining about how much ABC Family may or may not be deviating from the books?

Shadowhunters Casting News: Magnus Bane

So I’m a little late in announcing this casting news, but I was busy with finals week. Please forgive me. However, with this announcement I finally know the actors playing the roles I care about (I’ll go over the list at the end of this post). The actor playing Magnus Bane will be Harry Shum Jr. I can’t think of a better choice. Now I haven’t seen Shum act (Yes, I don’t/didn’t watch Glee), but he looks so much like the Magnus I envisioned. Now I just need them to photoshop some cat eyes on him and I’ll be all set. And I need Shum holding a Chairman Meow! This announcement has me so excited!

Previous casting news includes (links take you my posts about it):

Shadowhunters Casting News: Valentine

Alan Van Sprang has been selected to play the role of Valentine. Van Sprang doesn’t seem like a bad choice but based on the picture he seems more likely to execute a corporate take over than take over the world or annihilate all downworlders.

What do you think? Does Van Sprang seem sinister enough to play the part? Should he wear a wig so he’s more like the Valentine from the movie?

More Shadowhunters News, But Now I’m Disappointed

It was announced today that Matthew Daddario has been cast to play Alec Lightwood. Daddario isn’t ugly or anything and I can’t comment on his acting skills since I don’t think I’ve seen him on TV or in a movie. My problem is the picture that was posted of Daddario for the announcement. He just doesn’t seem wounded enough or emo enough. I wanted an Alec whose face clearly shows his conflicting emotions and the internal struggle he’s going through. This picture of Daddario doesn’t show him happy, but it makes it difficult for me to imagine his face being a mask of determination while his eyes convene his sorrow. I just need a better picture.

Additionally, it was also announced that Isaiah Mustafa will be playing Luke Garroway. Again my only problem is of the picture posted. Mustafa’s picture seems like once he gets in the role, he’ll be a great Luke. I just need him to be animalistic like Liev Schreiber playing Victor in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

And the actress playing Clary Fray is…

Katherine McNamara. At long last, we finally know #WhoIsClary. The Shadowhunters Facebook Page announced yesterday that Katherine McNamara has been picked to play Clary Fray (and I’m not disappointed). Katherine seems a better and more appropriate pick than Lily Collins. I can’t wait to see how she plays Clary.

Now I just have to wait to find out who is Alec, Luke, Magnus, and Valentine before I stop caring about who’s on the cast.