Yeah, It Wasn’t Worth It.


P.S. I Still Love You (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before # 2)

Jenny Han

Rate: 1/DNF

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is the reason I started this blog. It was so bad and I wanted to discuss it with someone, but my sister, my go-to book buddy, hadn’t read it yet. Looking back at that review I’m reminded of why I added P.S. I Still Love You to my TBR, but this review is also a reminder of why I was so hesitant to read it. I didn’t have good feelings about this book going into it and it obviously didn’t prove me wrong because I DNF’ed it.

  1. I couldn’t get passed Lara Jean’s voice. To me, she read like an eight-year-old, which is terrible because in the other review I said she sounded like a twelve-year-old. Things aren’t getting any better when it comes to Lara Jean.
  2. I only read the first eight chapters before I could no longer resist the urge to peek at the back to see if it’s worth it. It’s not. Whatever happens Peter and Lara Jean separate, but they get back together in the end and I really have no interest in finding out why they separated.

I tried to give this series another chance, but it didn’t hook me. I’m glad I didn’t spend as much time on it this go around.


Girlgoyle By Better Hero Army


Better Hero Army

Rate: 1/DNF

I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Similar to the few other books I did not finish (DNF), my rating is not a reflection of the quality of the story, but a reflection of my inability to engage with the book. I finished about 19% of Girlgoyle. The story began very slow and for some time I was confused about what was going on since Tiffany goes from being alive to dead to sort of alive in some limbo realm. That part, which should have been fleshed out better, went really fast and was, therefore, really confusing.

However, my main reason for not finishing Girlgoyle was simply that I couldn’t get into it. I picked up and put down Girlgoyle so many times that I finished two other books and was about to start a third when I realized that the probability of me finishing it anytime soon would be slim. And I’d rather not have it looming over my head causing me to dislike it simply because I know I have to read it, but I haven’t.

The one comment I will make about the story itself is about the art. Because of the art, and the young age of the protagonist, I think this story is best for early teens. Unlike the art presented in Colleen Hoover’s Confess, which is used to illustrate a part of the story that cannot be easily expressed in words, the art in Girlgoyle is a visual aide to help with the imagining of scenes and the setting. The art in Girlgoyle reminds me of the art included in chapter books for elementary students to help them understand and visualize characters interacting. The art in Girlgoyle isn’t a bad thing, but it caused me to conclude that this story may be better for a younger audience.

To summarize, I couldn’t get in Girlgoyle because I thought the story’s pace was too slow and the art within the story makes me think that it is good for early teens to read.

Boywatching: Trying to Read a Book That Isn’t Meant for Me


Chloe Bennet

Rate: 1/DNF

I received this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Let me start off by explaining what I mean by “meant for me.” By “meant for me,” I don’t me books that are targeted towards my age group. I don’t subscribe to the notion that you should read your age. I believe that everyone should read what interests them regardless of to whom it’s targeted. By “meant for me,” I mean that in the grand scheme of things, I don’t think I was supposed to get into/enjoy this book. From the very beginning, and I only finished 20% so that’s saying much, I just couldn’t focus on Boywatching. I constantly checking my phone or watching Youtube videos or read reviews for other books because I couldn’t get into this book. A number of times, I found myself putting this book down to pick up another book and enjoy that book more. I guess what I’m trying to explain is that my rating isn’t reflective of the quality of Boywatching but instead highlights my inability to sink into the book’s world and enjoy the tale. If you’re trying to decide whether or not to read Boywatching, you should read additional reviews on Goodreads (Click on the title above) to get a better feel of the book.

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When Reading Gets Hard

The Water Travelers

Daniel Waltz

Rate: 1/DNF

I tried really hard, maybe not my hardest, but really hard to read this book. But it wasn’t working out. And part of it was just me not having the time and patience in my schedule right now to continue. But part of it was the book.

Everyone has a favorite writing style and if you claim you don’t, then you at least have a writing style that you’re used to. You normally don’t notice these preferences until you read a book and either the phrasing of the sentences seem jarring or strange to you (meaning the writing is only slightly different from what you’re used to) or the phrasing irritates you and all you want to do is throw the book (Note: I do not condone the throwing of books). The latter is what happened to me with The Water Travelers. I’m not saying Waltz is a bad writer, I didn’t read long enough to make that kind of judgment, but I just couldn’t handle his writing style. Sadly, I’d rather give up on a book early in the reading process (I only finished 14% of the book) than to force myself to read it and have my subsequent foul mood take a toll on the rating. I don’t enjoy not finishing a book, but I prefer to give it the respect that it deserves.

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