That’s What S/He Said Thursday #34

“Sometimes, I wake up and I see your beautiful hair spread across the pillow, and I think I’ve dreamed you. I’m too scared to go back to sleep, or leave for training, in case you disappear and then I remember that you’re mine, and suddenly it’s a brand new day.”

~Cormac O’Connell from The Hurricane by R.J. Prescott


That’s What S/He Said Thursday #32

“Happy birthday, baby.”

“Best birthday ever.”

“How do you know? You’ve only just woken up.”

“Because it’s the first birthday I’ve ever woken up with you.”

~Emily and Con from The Aftermath by R.J. Prescott

*In honor of my birthday tomorrow. Smile Birthday cake

Reading Update

Recently, due to a heavy schoolwork load, I haven’t had time to read for pleasure and I haven’t had the energy to write reviews. However, in the past week, at a cost to how well my work has been completed and my sanity, I’ve scarfed down two stories. I’m still too busy and mentally exhausted to write full reviews, but I thought at the very least I could shout out the books.

The Hurricane (The Hurricane #1) by R.J. Prescott

Rate: 4

Shadowboxer (Tapped Out #1) by Cari Quinn

Rate: 4

Both The Hurricane and Shadowboxer share a theme. I was in the mood to read a story in which a super protective yet sensitive boxer/MMA fighter falls for a girl with a traumatic past and the girl finds the strength within herself. I got this from these two stories. They were both great stories.

Sadly, as passionate as the romance is in these books, they aren’t for everyone. The books contain sexual content, rape, and abuse. The latter two can be triggers for some people.

Anyway, even though this isn’t the full review these two books deserve, I decided to acknowledge them because they gave me exactly what I was looking for in a quick(-ish) manner and didn’t disappoint. Hopefully, some time and energy opens up in my schedule soon so I can read and review books carefully.